Single-cell proteomics

Uncovering biological mechanisms

Biological functions arise from protein interactions, which are reflected in the natural variation of proteome configurations across individual cells. Emerging single-cell proteomics methods may decode this variation and empower inference of biological mechanisms with minimal assumptions. Read more >>



Multiplicative scaling of single-cell proteomics

Many biomedical questions demand scalable, deep, and accurate proteome analysis of small samples, including single cells. A scalable framework of multiplexed data-independent acquisition for mass spectrometry enables time saving by parallel analysis of both peptide ions and protein samples, thereby realizing multiplicative gains in throughput. Read more >>


Single-cell proteomics by Mass-spec


Parallel Squared Technology Institute

Technologies and alumni from the Slavov Laboratory established Parallel Squared Technology Institute (PTI) to scale up single-cell proteomics and directly analyzing proteins at unprecedented scale and resolution, so that disease causes can be identified. This will lead to novel therapeutics that may treat neurodegenerative disease and slow down aging.

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Resources for single-cell proteomics



Last Updated: Jun 2024