Kirankumar Trivedi

Associate Teaching Professor,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering



With an extensive background spanning 26 years in educating both undergraduate and graduate students within the university realm, Dr. Kiran Trivedi is a seasoned academic. His dedication to knowledge dissemination goes beyond conventional teaching, as evidenced by his orchestration of diverse workshops centered around wireless and mobile technologies across India. Furthermore, he has graced various international platforms with his expertise, delivering illuminating talks on cutting-edge subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, and Deep Learning.

Delving into the realm of innovation, Dr. Trivedi has actively participated in the development of AI-enabled embedded device-based applications geared towards healthcare and ICT. This engagement underscores his commitment to merging theoretical concepts with real-world practicality.

Dr. Trivedi’s influence isn’t confined to local borders. He has been an esteemed guest speaker at prominent institutions including Symbian UK, ICTP Italy, UNESCO Paris, and Georgia Tech Research Center USA. His collaborative efforts extend to co-authoring a significant publication on m-learning, jointly released by ICTP Italy and UNESCO.

His contributions have been lauded both nationally and internationally. Dr. Trivedi’s work caught the attention of the Honorable President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, who invited him to demonstrate the Emergency Messenger System. Furthermore, his innovative contributions in the realm of mobile technologies earned him the title of Nokia Developer Champion consecutively from 2007 to 2011.

Dr. Trivedi’s pursuits in Artificial Intelligence have been recognized with the prestigious NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence Research grant in 2018. He’s also been commended as a best Professor for his expansive teaching approach and learner-centric philosophy, earning the esteemed AIR INDIA “Rank & Bolt Award.”

His accolades extend beyond academia. Triumphing as a global winner in Nokia’s Global Callingallinnovators contest in 2010 and clinching the Dr. APJ Kalam Innovation Award at IABS 2017 Conference on Biomedical Sciences speak to his multidisciplinary prowess.

With over 39 papers published across various conferences and journals, Dr. Trivedi is an ardent contributor to the academic discourse. His passion for Intellectual Property Rights echoes in his engagements as a speaker on the subject.

Beyond academia, Dr. Trivedi champions gender equality in technology through his organization of ITU – “Girls in ICT” Day for the past two years. His commitment echoes over the airwaves as he promotes this cause on India’s eminent FM Radio station, “AIR,” particularly focusing on rural areas in Gujarat.

Guiding student teams to victory in state-level Hackathons showcases Dr. Trivedi’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators. His involvement in governmental committees such as TEQIP Research coordinator and Student Start-up Innovation Policy coordinator mirrors his commitment to policy shaping.

Outside of the academic sphere, Dr. Trivedi is an avid cyclist, having covered an impressive 27000+ km and counting. His love for music complements his diverse interests.

Dr. Kiran Trivedi’s journey is one that merges academia, innovation, advocacy, and a passion for growth. His footprint resonates across numerous domains, making him an inspiring figure in the world of education and beyond.


  • PhD, Electronics & Communication Engineering, 2017

Honors & Awards

  • 2022 EdgeImpulse University Program Hardware Research Grant
  • 2021 TDRA UAE, WSIS ITU Hackathon Global Winner for Designing a Sustainable Future using ICTs
  • 2021 NVIDIA Jetson Nano Grant for Academic Research2018 NVIDIA GPU Grant for Artificial Intelligence Research
  • 2018 Smart Gujarat Hackathon Runners Up Award for AI Enabled Hardware Application
  • 2017 Dr. APJ Kalam Innovation Award at IABS 2017 Conference on Biomedical Sciences
  • 2011 Forum Nokia Champion Award
  • 2010 Joint-winner of Ovi App Wizard contest in Nokia’s Global ‘Callingallinnovators’ contest
  • 2009 Manthan Award South Asia m-Content category for developing MAT mobile sensor
  • 2009  Forum Nokia Ambassador of India 2009 Asia Pacific Award
  • 2010  Forum Nokia Champion Award
  • 2008 Best feedback for FlashLite Technology Award
  • 2008  Best Mobile Widget Contest Award
  • 2009  Forum Nokia Champion Award
  • 2008 Forum Nokia Champion Award2006 Mobile Application Development – STTP Coordinator Award
  • 2005 Nokia Imagine contest Mega Prize winner Award
  • 2005 Air India – Rank and Bolt Award For best teaching professional in the district
  • 2004 Vibrant Gujarat participation on National Science Congress Award
  • 2003 Engineers Association Award – Local

Selected Publications

  • “Identification of deadliest mosquitoes using wing beats sound classification on tiny embedded system using machine learning and Edge Impulse platform” Kirankumar Trivedi and Harsh Shroff, 13th ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference Proceedings 2021
  • “Machine Learning Based Automatic Speaker Recognition System Using Image Classification Technique on Speech Spectrograms” ICIETS IEEE Conference 2018.
  • “Implementation of Machine Learning for Gender Detection using CNN on Raspberry Pi Platform” 2nd International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC 2018).
  • “Brainwave Enabled Multifunctional, Communication, Controlling, and Speech Signal Generating Device” at IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques, ICEEOT 2016 (K.R.Trivedi– Dr. R.A. Thakker) 3-5 March 2016 IEEE Madras Section DMI College of Engineering, Chennai.
  • “Analysis of EEG Spectrum Bands Aiding to Read Human Mental States” at IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques, ICEEOT 2016 (K. V. Shingala – K.R.Trivedi) 3-5 March 2016 IEEE Madras Section DMI College of Engineering, Chennai.
Trivedi Kirankumar


Jul 06, 2023

New Faculty Spotlight: Kirankumar Trivedi

Kirankumar Trivedi joins the MIE department in July 2023 as an Associate Teaching Professor in Seattle.

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