Steel-Concrete Composite Structural Systems

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Hajjar, J. F., Gourley, B. C., Tort, C., Denavit, M. D., Schiller, P. H., and Leipziger Mundis, N. (2019). Steel-Concrete Composite Structural Systems, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

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A significant amount of research has been conducted worldwide on the behavior of composite steel-concrete structural systems in the past several decades. This resource provides a summary of the behavior and experimental, computational and analytical research on composite members, connections, and frames that are reported in detail in the literature. These published studies have been summarized with an emphasis on experimental setup and properties, analytical and computational methods presented, and key results from the work. Also included are detailed summaries of various aspects of behavior. For more information on this project see the about page.

Composite Structural Systems

Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes

Steel-Reinforced Concrete

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