This Undergraduate Minor in Robotics offered by the College of Engineering and co‐housed in Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical & Industrial Engineering is aimed at providing a coherent foundation in the principles and practice of robotics.

Innovative Curriculum

Robotics, integration of sensing, computation and actuation in the physical world, has an ever‐growing impact on modern technology, human health and manufacturing. This minor combines basic college-wide prerequisites with a core course that differs between departments but helps brings the student up to a common standard that covers the fundamentals with four elective courses available from three different programs across Northeastern.

How to Declare a COE Minor

  • If you are a COE student, please contact your assigned academic advisor to declare a COE Minor.
  • If you are a non-COE student, please submit the College of Engineering Declaration of Minor form.  An academic advisor will be in contact with you within 2 weeks of the form submission.


Program Contacts

Hanumant Singh
Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering & Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Jointly Appointed,  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program Director,  Master of Science in Robotics

Machine Learning for Fisheries, SLAM in the presence of Dynamic Moving Objects, Counter UAS methodologies , Manipulation Underwater, and Imaging in Visually Degraded Environments including underwater and in polar regions

Academic Advising

For support with academic questions, contact the academic advisor assigned to this program.