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Graduate Certificate in Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering

Graduate Certificate in Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering


The Graduate Certificate in Blockchain and Smart Contract Engineering addresses the rapidly growing and revolutionary field of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology. Companies from different industries are preparing to enhance their business practices through cryptocurrency, decentralized computing, digital security, smart contracts, and more.

Innovative Curriculum

The certificate program covers blockchain platforms such as Ethereum that bring about transparency and trust to all participants in complex multiparty relationships. The implication is tremendous—from new currency and incentive systems to faster, less expensive, and more efficient transactions of all kinds, from banking to healthcare. Students have an opportunity to learn how blockchain platforms and their underlying trust models will impact the future of legally binding multiparty contracts. In addition, students also have an opportunity to learn how crypto-engineering techniques can be used to create digital trust fabrics that could safely facilitate the movement of any kind of transactions.

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Program Contacts

Khaled Bugrara
Information Systems Program Director,  Multidisciplinary Graduate Engineering Programs

Academic Advising

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