PlusOne Accelerated Master's Program

Earn a Master's Degree in a Year

A master’s degree can provide you an additional level of expertise in an area aligned with your career goals. As a currently enrolled Bachelor of Science (BS) student in the College of Engineering at Northeastern, you have the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree (MS) in an accelerated time period with the PlusOne program. Once accepted into the program in an approved PlusOne pathway, which is a BS and MS PlusOne combination, you can earn an MS degree with, in most cases, just one extra year of study beyond your undergraduate degree program.

How It Works

PlusOne is either a five-year program, including opportunity for two six-month co-op positions as part of the undergraduate curriculum, or a six-year program with three six-month co-op experiences as an undergraduate.

First earn your BS degree in your chosen four or five year plan, and, in most cases, graduate with your MS degree the following year. To earn an MS degree in one year in the PlusOne program rather than the traditional two years, you will use either two or four MS courses to fulfill some of your BS requirements, thus using those courses to meet both sets of degree requirements.

View the PlusOne Details and Policies page for eligibility, how to apply and more information.

The PlusOne Advantage

Accelerate Learning. Earn your BS degree, and, in most cases, one year later (rather than the traditional two years) graduate with an MS degree. Participate in co-op as an undergraduate for real-world experience.

Reduce Costs. Use some classes during your undergraduate program toward your master’s degree cutting the cost of earning your masters.

Get Two Degrees. BS conferral is independent of the MS degree so earning your BS degree is not affected by progress in the MS program.

Specialize or Pivot. Gain advanced knowledge in your field, specialize in a complementary high growth area, add management knowledge, or take a new path.

Gain a Competitive Edge. Select from a broad array of BS and MS PlusOne combinations within the College of Engineering and across the university to personalize your path and stand out with an advanced degree.

Find the Right PlusOne Pathway for You

Apply for an accelerated master’s degree with the PlusOne program anytime from the end of your fourth semester to the first week of your final semester in which you will complete your BS degree. There is a broad array of BS and MS PlusOne combinations within the College of Engineering and across the university, for you to choose from.

Students can take a master’s in their current field (e.g., BS in mechanical engineering and MS in mechanical engineering), specialize in a high growth area (such as robotics, data analytics engineering, information systems, and others), add management skills with the MS in Engineering Management, or pursue a new path altogether.

To select a PlusOne pathway:

  • View your BS degree program web page to see the PlusOne pathways available with that BS degree.
  • Then, view the MS degree page(s) of the pathway(s) you are interested in to learn about the programs and select one that interests you.
  • Contact your academic advisor for assistance in selecting a pathway and your courses.

You can also view all College of Engineering MS degrees with a PlusOne pathway.

You can also view pathways for PlusOne master’s degrees outside of COE on the university website.

PlusOne Highlights

“What’s so valuable about the PlusOne Program is that it gives you the most potential to succeed. You can tell employers right off the bat, ‘Hey, this is where I worked [on co-op],’ and on top of that you have a master’s.” Daniel Simpson, BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Robotics