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Accelerated Masters

PlusOne Pathways


PlusOne Pathways in the College of Engineering allow students who are not in combined majors to accelerate completion of a COE Master’s degree. In a PlusOne pathway, an undergraduate student completes up to two or four graduate-level courses (depending on the program) that will apply toward both their undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This allows a Master’s degree to be completed in one additional year of study beyond the undergraduate program.

For a Master’s program, PlusOne pathways for that program consist of:

  1. the allowed undergraduate programs,
  2. the prerequisite undergraduate courses (if any),
  3. the number of courses to be applied to both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and
  4. the allowed graduate courses that can be applied to both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Admission to a PlusOne Pathway

A student must apply for admission to a PlusOne pathway, and this application must be submitted no later than one semester prior to the completion of the Bachelor of Science degree.

A student will be admitted to a PlusOne pathway for a Masters program if they:

  1. are enrolled in an allowed undergraduate program,
  2. have taken the prerequisite courses, and
  3. have an overall GPA of at least 3.25.

Course Enrollment as an Undergraduate Student

Admission to a PlusOne pathway gives undergraduate students the ability to enroll in certain graduate courses that are specifically designated for undergraduate students. Undergraduate enrollment in graduate coursework may be limited to one graduate course per semester.

Placement is not guaranteed.

Transition to Master’s Program

Upon completion of their BS degree, students in a PlusOne pathway will transition to the Master’s program if they:

  1. have a 3.0 graduate GPA,
  2. have a 3.25 undergraduate GPA, and
  3. have taken the required number of approved graduate courses.

Course Enrollment as a Graduate Student

A minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 is required to remain in good standing and to be eligible for MS degree conferral.

Students must remain in continuous full-time status to complete the MS requirements (8 semester hours of credit or equivalent, per Fall/Spring term.)

Following the conferral of the Bachelor of Science degree, a minimum of 16 semester hours of graduate coursework is required in the PlusOne program, regardless of previous graduate-level coursework completed.

It is important for students in the PlusOne program to work closely with the MS faculty advisors and graduate advisors to ensure degree requirements are fulfilled and policies/procedures are followed.

Graduate course enrollment to fulfill the remaining Master of Science requirements must be initiated the semester following Bachelor of Science degree completion.

Other information

All students should consult with the Student Financial Services office to discuss the financial implications of enrolling in a College of Engineering PlusOne Program.

International students admitted into a PlusOne program must request and obtain a new I-20 for the graduate degree following conferral of the Bachelor’s Degree. Students should consult with the Office of Global Services.

Important note: The PlusOne pathways do not include combined majors. Students in combined undergraduate majors are not eligible to pursue a PlusOne Pathway at this point in time.