PlusOne Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the PlusOne program! Students, please review the PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program webpage. Additionally, you can find essential information on the PlusOne Details and Policies page.

Please review the MS Faculty Advisors/ Program Contacts page for contact information.  Students should send an email to their Faculty Advisor for specific questions about courses (i.e., course content), advice on course selection for a particular career path or area of interest, approval for Registration Override Form and/or Standard Petition Forms, and questions about independent study, Master’s Thesis/Project.

Please email to set up an appointment. Make sure to include your Name, NUID, and PlusOne program information in the body of your email.

Please fill out a Registration Override Request Form. You can review the Override Request Instructions and the Sample Override Request Form.  Please note: if the course is outside the approved curriculum for your degree program, your MS Faculty Advisor/Program Contact must also sign the form at the bottom to indicate if the course is approved to count toward your degree requirements.

  • To find this information you must check the program requirements listed in your catalog year.
  • If the course you are interested in taking is NOT listed in your catalog, then you need to fill out a Standard Petition formfor the course to count it towards your program requirements. It is recommended students discuss coursework with their programs MS Faculty Advisor/Program Contact prior to submitting form.
    • Check “elective outside of approved curriculum”
      • Explain why you feel this course is relevant to your field of study.
    • Obtain the necessary signatures stated in the instructions on the form.

Please see instructions and read them carefully. Please note, if the course is NOT on your approved curriculum, you also need to file a Standard Petition form to count it towards your program by following the instructions in the above question.

Students may not take online graduate coursework prior to completion of the Bachelor of Science degree unless the following conditions are met:

  • a course required for graduation will not be offered on-ground prior to the scheduled graduation date, or
  • a course is taken while on co-op or if the student is away from campus for other academic reasons, and an on-ground section is not available or does not align with the co-op schedule or location. In this case, enrollment in an online section would only be allowed if the student’s graduation date is delayed because of not taking the course online. There may be financial implications for courses taken while on co-op; all students should contact the Student Financial Servicesoffice to discuss planned coursework.

Video streaming (V35) course sections are restricted to part-time students, full-time students on co-op, an on-ground section of the course is not offered, or a full-time student with an extenuating circumstance that would prevent graduation.  If you believe you fit this criteria, and you encounter a Student Attribute registration error while registering for a V35 section course, please use the Override Request Form (follow all the instructions listed on page 2 of this form).  Include an explanation of why you need to enroll in the V35 section.  Approval from your Undergraduate Academic Advisor is not needed.

When you are trying to add yourself to a waitlist for a course and receive the error of “Closed-waitlist,” this means that the waitlist is at capacity and no additional names can be added to the list at that time.

No. PlusOne students who complete additional graduate coursework beyond the maximum 16 semester hours as an undergraduate student may not apply these for transfer credit towards their MS degree, even if the graduate coursework is not applied to the undergraduate degree requirements.

To waive a core course for the MS degree, it is recommended students discuss coursework with their Program Contact. Students are required to complete the Standard Petition Form and list the course they wish to waive and the course they plan to take instead. Students need to attach a copy of unofficial transcript and submit it using DocuSign to their Program Contact for their approval.

PlusOne MS Engineering Management students please click on link for specific information about course waivers.

Students in the PlusOne program may be able to pursue a certificate but cannot triple count courses between the bachelors, masters, or certificate program.

Students enrolled in the PlusOne accelerated master’s degree program are permitted to participate in up to three co-ops during their combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs but only one of the co-ops can be participated in at the Master’s level.  Please refer to PlusOne Master’s Co-op page for additional information.

Students need to review the eligibility requirements for their new PlusOne Pathway.  Then the student will need to submit an updated PlusOne Transition to Master’s form.

Students will need to submit an updated PlusOne Transition to Master’s form in their final semester to provide a list of completed courses that will be double-counted toward their BS and MS degrees.