Graduate Forms

All Graduate School of Engineering forms are processed using DocuSign.  Please review the instructions for completing the form then click on the link for the form.  Students will be directed to the PowerForm Signer Information form to provide their information and if necessary the approver(s) contact information.  Students click on “begin signing” to submit the information to DocuSign who will email the student with an access code to complete the form.  Students will submit the DocuSign form that will automatically get routed to the contacts the student listed on the PowerForm Signer Information form.  When the form is completed by the necessary approvers it will automatically be routed to the GSE Graduate Student Services to process.  Below are the form processing times.


  • Adhere to Processing Times. Processing times are outlined below; be sure to submit your forms with those time frames in mind.
  • A student should complete the form and submit it to be emailed to the student’s Faculty Program Advisor. If approved, the form will be sent to the Graduate School for review. When the form is complete, a copy will be emailed to you (student) for your records and a copy will be placed in your student e-folder.
  • Please only submit ONE form request through the online forms process. If you need to review the form prior to submitting it, please review the view only PDFs below each form.
  • The Graduate Student forms now have a time limit on each limiting students to submit only one form a day. If you need to submit multiple forms or have an issue with submission, please contact Stephanie Kelly at

Below please find standard processing times for all forms. Please note that throughout the semester there are some busier times, such as the start of the semester. During these busy times, please allow for extra processing time.

10 business days:

  • All OGS Forms
    • Program Extension Request
    • Certificate of Program Completion
      • Approved under the following conditions:
      • You will have completed all program requirements by the specified program end date
      • You have applied to graduate via your MyNortheastern account
      • We have a copy of your undergraduate and/or MS degree certificates (if applicable) on file
      • All exceptions to the approved curriculum are documented
  • All Academic Probation forms
    • Academic Probation Action Plan
    • Academic Dismissal Appeal Form
  • All Change of Degree forms
    • Change of Master’s Degree Program/Concentration for BSMS Students
    • Change of Degree Program/Concentration
    • Change of Degree Level
    • Change of Degree Status
    • MS along the way to PhD
  • The following Registrar forms
    • Incomplete Grade Contract
    • Transfer Credit Request

7 business days:

  • The following Registrar form
    • Graduate Registration Form
    • PhD Internship Request
    • Interdisciplinary PhD Program Plan

3 to 5 business days:

  • Graduate School of Engineering Forms
    • Standard Petition Form – Boston Students
    • Standard Petition Form – West Coast Students
    • Registration Override Request Forms
    • Conditional Acceptance Form

COE Forms

Northeastern Forms

Below please find links to some of the most common Registrar forms that graduate engineering students use. Be sure to read instructions thoroughly.

Below please find links to some of the most common OGS forms that graduate engineering students use. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

  • Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training
    • This request is for the employment authorization benefit for F-1 students for the purpose of gaining practical experience directly related to their major field of study. Please view the OGS webpage for details and eligibility criteria.
  • Recommendation for Program Extension Request
    • This request is for an international student who requires additional time for the completion of his/her program of study
    • ATTENTION Please note that once your academic department has completed this form, you will need to submit the OGS Program Extension e-form request as explained on the first page of the document. The e-form will require students to upload this completed and signed form as well as financial documents. The financial documents are required to verify that students have access to funds that will cover the expenses they will incur during the additional term needed to complete their program.
    • ATTENTION Please note that most programs allow students to consider the Summer term as a vacation term, and course offerings are not always comprehensive. Please consult with your academic advisor to ensure that It Is possible to graduate during the Summer term, develop a new study plan, and complete course registration planning prior to submitting this request. Fully online enrollment in the Summer term Is also not permitted. If only online courses are offered In your program during this term, please consult with your academic advisor to revise your course plan to graduate In the following term if possible. Submitting multiple program extensions due to personal Interests, after submitting the initial request, will not be permitted and the request will be denied.
  • Recommendation for Reduced Course Load
    • This form should be completed if you need to drop a course due to academic difficulties
  • Certificate of Program Completion
    • This form certifies the student’s anticipated date of completion of a program of study