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Graduate Forms

Below are forms for various procedures in the Graduate School of Engineering at Northeastern. Please download the form needed below, follow the instructions found on the first page of all forms, complete the pdf, save, and email or submit in paper form to the appropriate office.


  • Adhere to Processing Times. Processing times are outlined below; be sure to submit your forms with those time frames in mind.

Submit Forms to the Graduate School

Below please find standard processing times for all forms. Please note that throughout the semester there are some busier times, such as the start of the semester. During these busy times, please allow for extra processing time.

10 business days:

  • All OGS Forms
    • Program Extension Request
    • Certificate of Program Completion
      • Approved under the following conditions:
      • You will have completed all program requirements by the specified program end date
      • You have applied to graduate via your MyNortheastern account
      • We have a copy of your undergraduate and/or MS degree certificates (if applicable) on file
      • All exceptions to the approved curriculum are documented
  • All Academic Probation forms
    • Academic Probation Action Plan
    • Academic Dismissal Appeal Form
  • All Change of Degree forms
    • Change of Master’s Degree Program/Concentration for BSMS Students
    • Change of Degree Program/Concentration
    • Change of Degree Level
    • Change of Degree Status
    • MS along the way to PhD
  • The following Registrar forms
    • Incomplete Grade Contract
    • Transfer Credit Request

7 business days:

  • The following Registrar form
    • Graduate Registration Form
    • CPT Internship Authorization Request Form
    • Interdisciplinary PhD Program Plan

3 to 5 business days:

  • Graduate School of Engineering Forms
    • Standard Petition Form – Boston Students
    • Standard Petition Form – West Coast Students
    • Registration Override Request Form
    • Conditional Acceptance Form

COE Forms

  • Academic Probation Action Plan
    • This form is required for students whose cumulative GPA has fallen below 3.00; completed by the student and academic advisor when a student is notified of first-term academic probationary status, or when a dismissal appeal has been approved
  • Academic Dismissal Appeal Form
    • This form is required for students who have two consecutive semesters with a cumulative GPA below 3.00; completed by the student and submitted to the Graduate School when appealing a dismissal after two terms on academic probation
  • GPA Calculator

Northeastern Forms

Below please find links to some of the most common Registrar forms that graduate engineering students use. Be sure to read instructions thoroughly.

  • Graduate Registration Instructions
    • For individual instruction courses (Independent Study, Readings, Continuations, Theses, and Dissertations) not listed in Banner
  • Incomplete Grade Contract
    • This form is to be completed together by a student and their instructor when an Incomplete grade is given for a course; Submit the completed form to the GSE office in 130 Snell
    • Incomplete Grade Policy
  • Audit a Course
    • Full-time graduate students (registered for 8 credits before the audit request) may, with permission, audit one class in the Fall and Spring terms
  • Transfer Credit Request
    • Use this form to request transfer credit. You must read the Transfer Credit policy before submitting your form and include an original translated transcript
  • Leave of Absence
    • To apply for a Leave of Absence, complete the request via the myNortheastern portal by clicking on the Self-Service tab, and then by clicking on Registrar Forms.

Below please find links to some of the most common OGS forms that graduate engineering students use. Be sure to read instructions thoroughly.