Graduate Student Services

Graduate Student Services is an academic resource in the College of Engineering which, in conjunction with university faculty and staff, facilitates the academic processes of course registration, graduation clearance, academic probation, academic review of Office of Global Studies forms, and administration of funding. Graduate Student Services recognizes the critical role our advising team plays in the transitional process students go through at Northeastern University and we are committed to meeting a diverse set of needs to assist in students’ success and achievements.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advisors in the Graduate Student Services office can help answer many of your questions and assist with various concerns regarding your program and student record.

The table below is a handy resource whenever you have a question! The advisors in Graduate Student Services can help you with many concerns, but we are not always the best resource to contact. Please review the table below for some common concerns, but please know that this is not an exhaustive list.

What your Graduate Student Services Academic Advisor can help you with:What your department Faculty Program Advisor can help you with:What your OGS Advisor can help you with (international students):
  • Registration errors and issues
  • Issues with the student degree audit
  • Academic probation and academic standing concerns
  • Questions about GSS forms
  • General questions and concerns (If you aren’t sure where to go, we can help!)
  • Specific questions about courses (content, assignments, grading, etc.)
  • Signatures for Standard Petition forms and Registration Override Request forms
  • Questions about independent study, Master’s Thesis/Project, Dissertation
  • Advice on course selection for a particular career path or area of interest
  • Questions about F-1 visa compliance
  • Specific concerns about securing OPT, Pre-OPT, and CPT
  • Taking a leave of absence


If you would like to connect with your Graduate Student Services Academic Advisor, we offer the following services:

    • Email advising – Many questions can be answered quickly and easily if you email your assigned academic advisor listed above. All inquiries will be answered within 1-2 days! Please be sure to include your NUID and a detailed account of your question.
    • Virtual Drop-in Advising Hours

    • Accelerated Bachelor/Graduate Engineering students who are still in undergraduate standing, please email your assigned graduate academic advisor at and they will assist with scheduling an appointment for you.

Graduate students are expected to be professional and respectful at all times in their interactions with the Graduate School of Engineering staff. Please review a summary of these expectations.

GPA Calculator

Use our GPA Calculator as a tool to determine eligibility for PlusOne program, co-op and achieve good academic standing. View our video on how to use the calculator.