Course Registration

Prior to registering for courses, familiarize yourself with registration timelines, policies, and procedures. Course registration is critical to ensuring your program completion in a timely manner.

If you are an international student, course registration is also extremely important in maintaining your visa compliance status. Please review the International Student Enrollment Requirements on the Office of Global Services’ website.

If you still have questions about course registration after reading the information below, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

For further assistance, you can e-mail your academic advisor with your NUID. All inquiries will be answered within one to two business days.

The Registration Request Form for Non-COE students is for Northeastern students in programs outside of the College of Engineering (COE) who wish to take a graduate level (5000 or above) COE course.

First, check the course requirements listed in the Graduate Catalog for your degree program. If you have questions related to course content or industry-specific knowledge, you should contact either the course instructor or your faculty advisor for more information.

You can find your degree program by catalog year on the Registrar’s website.
You will need to click through several pages to reach the page for your degree program. Once you are on the correct page, make sure to click the “Program Requirements” tab at the top for a full list of the courses required for your degree. Note that any deviation from the listed courses requires formal approval through the Petition process.

For more information on Petitions, visit our Graduate Forms page.

Please refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar for all registration dates and deadlines

You should plan to be in touch with your Academic Advisor at least two weeks prior to any deadlines with doubts about your registration or any forms related to registration. To understand the content of the courses you plan to take and to avoid registration errors, you should work with both your Faculty Advisor and Academic Advisor.

  • Add Deadline
    This is the last day that you can add a course. Please note the add deadline is earlier than the drop deadline. If you drop a course after the add deadline, you will not be able to add a course back.
  • Drop Deadline
    This is the last day that you can drop a course without financial obligation and without a “W” grade on your transcript. This applies even in circumstances such as late co-op placements, non-medical leave of absence requests, and university withdrawals.


If you are facing a registration error, please use Dynamic Schedule to find the section of the course you hope to register for. Read and review the restrictions on the section. If you contact your Academic Advisor about any registration errors, you will need to include the course name and number, the CRN of the section, and the type of registration error in your message.

Common Registration Errors

  • Field of Study or Program Restriction: Course is restricted to students of a certain degree program. If you wish to request registration, you will need to submit an Override form to your Academic Advisor.
  • College Restriction: Course is offered by another college at Northeastern, such as the Khoury College of Computer Sciences. Your registration will require approval from the college offering the course. Please refer to the guidelines for D’Amore-McKim School of Business or Khoury College of Computer Sciences courses.
  • Level Restriction: Course is an undergraduate course. In limited situations, COE graduate students may register for undergraduate courses; however, graduate credit will not be granted.
  • Pre-requisite and Test Score Error Restriction: Course requires a pre-requisite course that the student has not taken. If you wish to request registration, you will need to submit an Override form┬áto your Academic Advisor.
  • Signature Required: This restriction is placed on courses where the instructor’s approval is required for registration. You will need to be in touch with your instructor and Academic Advisor for further instructions.
  • Student Attribute: Two common reasons why student encounter this restriction is due to the course’s campus location or instructional method. You can review these course details in the registration portal of the course description box.
    • Campus Location: If you are trying to register for a traditional lecture (V30) course located on a campus different from your home campus, then you will receive a student attribute error. You must enroll in courses offered on your home campus.
    • Instructional Method: The video streaming (V35) course sections are currently open only to part-time students. Full-time students will face a student attribute restriction when they try to register. However, if the course is only offered in video streaming format, or if a student is on co-op, registration may be permitted. If you wish to request registration, you will need to submit an Override form to your Academic Advisor.

Courses that are at capacity may sometimes open a waitlist. You can add yourself to a waitlist using your course registration portal. If a seat opens up and it comes to your turn, you will receive a notification alerting you that you have 24 hours to register. If you do not register within that window, you will lose the seat and will have to rejoin the waitlist.

After the add deadline, waitlists close. You will no longer be able to join a course, even if seats appear open. While on the waitlist for your desired course, you are strongly encouraged to register for an alternative course in case you do not move off the waitlist.

For more information, please review the Registrar Class Waitlists policies

There are specific courses that require students to create an individual section with instructor approval. Examples include:

  • Research
  • Independent Study
  • Master’s Project
  • Thesis or Dissertation
  • Thesis Continuation or Dissertation Continuation
  • Dissertation Fieldwork

To begin the registration process, you will need to log into your myNortheastern portal and follow the instructions for an individual instruction registration.

Please note this process is time sensitive and requires instructors to approve the requests within two days. Prior to submitting your registration request in myNortheastern, notify your instructor to watch out for an automated e-mail requesting their approval.

For further guidance on how to use the registration portal to

  • create a plan
  • register according to the plan
  • register by CRN
  • register for a course with a waitlist
  • drop a course

Visit the New Registration Experience website.