Graduate Engineering Programs for Students with Non-Engineering Backgrounds

Information Systems

Applicants with any science, engineering, or other technical major are acceptable as long as the candidate provides evidence of technical or programming skills. Information Systems Bridge applicants must be non-STEM majors

Information Systems Program

Information Systems-Bridge

Suitable for any non-engineer across all Northeastern programs

Students with non-STEM, non-technical bachelor’s degrees (such as Finance, English, Political Science, Marketing, Psychology, and more) have the opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Information Systems (MS in IS) in an accelerated time frame with Northeastern’s Information Systems Bridge Admissions Pathway (IS Bridge). No pre-Calculus or higher level math required. No programming background required.

Information Systems-Bridge Program

Energy Systems

Energy Systems applicants with quantitative business or finance majors are acceptable if candidates also have some background in computer science and calculus. Students with first-year calculus, physics and chemistry in their undergrad studies, but no prior exposure to thermos-sciences may apply to the Energy Systems – Academic Link program.

Energy Systems Program

Energy Systems Academic Link

The Master of Science in Energy Systems – Academic Link program enables students with first-year calculus, physics and chemistry in their undergraduate studies, but no prior exposure to thermo-sciences to complete the multidisciplinary energy systems program with integrated, introductory coursework.

Energy Systems Academic Link Program


Any engineering or science degree (e.g. Biology, Chemistry) are acceptable

Bioengineering Program

Chemical Engineering

Biology or Chemistry undergraduate degrees are acceptable

Chemical Engineering Program

Data Analytics Engineering

Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields are academically qualified for admissions consideration: Applied mathematics, mathematics, statistics, physics, chemistry, computer science, or quantitative business (e.g. economics, finance, information systems)

Data Analytics Engineering Program

Engineering Management

Mathematics or physics majors with linear algebra and multivariable calculus, or students of any major with the equivalent background in mathematics as an engineering major are acceptable.

Engineering Management Program

Mechanical Engineering

Applicants with majors in applied physics are acceptable

Mechanical Engineering Program

Operations Research

Majors in any science discipline including computer science and mathematics are acceptable; other majors considered are economics, business, or other liberal arts with some background in calculus and linear algebra

Operations Research Program

Sustainable Building Systems

Applicants with majors in any engineering, or science degree are acceptable; candidates with majors in architecture or who have some background in the built environment are also considered for admission

Sustainable Building Systems Program

Telecommunication Networks

Applicants with majors in mathematics, physics, or computer science are acceptable

Telecommunication Networks Program