Honors Programs

The college and university offer multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their academic excellence.

The Honors Program invites exceptionally motivated students to enhance their educational experience. Students joining this community seek an undergraduate experience charted by meeting academic challenges. Those invited into the University Honors Program are among our most highly accomplished and motivated prospective students.

The program:

  • Offers demanding and challenging academic opportunities
  • Connects students to an active community of thinkers committed to making a difference
  • Promotes living and learning in the Honors Program thematic communities
  • Integrates Honors into the broader undergraduate experience.

The Honors Program frames opportunities that are intellectually rigorous, based on both foundational and advanced work in interdisciplinary thematic areas. The Honors Program promotes global awareness and civic engagement across all of its offerings, and empowers students through resources within the Program as well as the larger Northeastern community.

Honors Program

In the College of Engineering, students have the opportunity to conduct original research in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Students who successfully complete the requirements for College Honors in their major will be graduated with the designation: “Honors in [Specific Engineering Major]” on their transcripts.

Students in the University Honors Program who meet their department’s qualifications are strongly encouraged to apply. However, prior membership in the University Honors Program is not an eligibility requirement for participation in the College of Engineering Honors program.

All students who meet their major’s eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply and participate in College Honors.

Applications forms:

Please contact Assistant Dean Richard Harris (ri.harris@northeastern.edu) for more information.

The University Scholars Program admitted it’s final cohort in Fall 2016. The program, designed to help each Scholar craft a unique path through Northeastern, helps students who want to explore, to dream, and to discover. While each scholar’s path through the university is unique, we are dedicated to creating an engaged, supportive interdisciplinary learning community wherein students can create lifelong intellectual engagements and friendships.

University Scholars Program

Students are recognized at the annual university-wide honors convocation ceremony.
Students are recognized at the annual university-wide honors convocation ceremony.