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Outstanding Staff Award

The Award recognizes and rewards outstanding service by administrative, support, and technical staff employees in the College of Engineering.


  • All staff who do not hold faculty status and work at least two-thirds time are eligible.
  • Nominees must have completed at least three consecutive years of staff service in the College of Engineering.
  • Past recipients are not eligible for a period of five years after receiving the award.


Candidates must have demonstrated successful performance as staff members by combining competence, knowledge of subject matter, and successful interaction with others. Expected characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • Positive attitude, cooperation, and a customer service focus in dealing with co-workers, peers, and the general public;
  • Initiative, quality of work, and effectiveness in carrying out job responsibilities;
  • Commitment to performing in a professional manner;
  • Dedication to and knowledge of the mission of their own work unit, the College of Engineering, and Northeastern University;
  • Dependability;
  • Outstanding contributions to the goals of the work unit and the College through significant dedication and/or leadership;
  • Innovation; and
  • Demonstrated interest in self-development.

Candidates should have performed in a manner that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a staff member.


The Staff Initiative Committee will select award recipients.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be initiated by College of Engineering staff, students, faculty, and/or administrators.  Each nominator, however, may nominate only one employee for this award each year. Complete nominations are required NO LATER THAN April 8, 2020.

The nomination packet should consist of ONE pdf file emailed to (separate emails will not be accepted) containing the following:

  • one letter of nomination including the names of the nominator(s) and the nominee which should include the rationale for the nomination and pertinent accomplishments; the letter will be preferably one page and a maximum of two pages in length;
  • a letter of support from the COE department chair or director, if not included among the nominators above;
  • a maximum of three letters of support from current or former students and/or College/University colleagues.

If you have any questions, please email

Past Recipients

2020 Sarah Dosier ChE
2020 Mariah Nobrega Dean’s Office
2019 Lauren Narasky Dean’s Office
2019 Lara Obadowski Academic Advising
2018 Maria LoSurdo ECE
2017 Lisa O’Neill GSE
2016 Joyce Crain MIE
2016 Nancy Lyons ARC
2015 Roy Dalsheim Student Services
2015 Susan Wilcox BioE
2014 Kristin Hicks Gordon CenSSIS
2014 Christina McNeil Dean’s Office
2013 Tracy Bourassa ARC
2013 Faith Crisley ECE
2012 Robert Eagan ChE
2011 Jonathan Doughty MIE
2011 Patricia Rowe ChE
2009 Noah Japhet MIE
2008 Joan Pratt ECE
2008 Mary Traboulsy MIE
2007 Kristin Hicks Gordon CenSSIS
2007 Kevin McCue MIE
2006 Anne Magrath Gordon CenSSIS
2006 Edward Tyrance ECE
2005 Mikalah Carlson CAMMP
2005 Michael MacNeil ECE
2004 Fernando Dellaporta ECE
2004 David Whelpley CEE
2003 Cynthia Bates ECE
2003 Marlys Vaughan Graduate School
2002 Linda Cincotti Student Services
2002 Paulette Deery Dean’s Office
2001 Alfred Bina ChE
2001 Rajiv Shridhar ECE
2000 Barbara Cottam ECE
2000 Stephen Gibson Graduate School
1999 Susan M. Kolls Student Services
1999 Gina O’Brien-McLelland Dean’s Office
1999 Keith Warner ECE
1998 Dan Calandriello Computer Center
1998 Candace Martel Student Services
1998 Ellen Zierk ECE
1997 Beatrice Amado ECE