Securing Online Meetings

Restrict Access to Meetings

  • Only invite the necessary people to your meetings.
  • Change who can bypass the lobby in Meeting Options. The bypass lobby options are “Everyone”, “People in my organization and trusted organizations” and “People in my organization”. The host must allow people into the meeting from the lobby if they aren’t allowed to bypass it.
  • Change who can present in Meeting Options. The options are “Everyone”, “People in my organization”, “Specific People” and “Only me”.
  • The Meeting Options only become available once you have scheduled a meeting. So schedule the meeting then open and edit it in Teams from the calendar. The “Meeting Options” link is located next to the Time zone options right above the meeting name field.

Restrict Access to Live Events

Note that a Teams Live Event is not the same as a normal meeting. It is a live stream. There are 3 different roles in a Live Event.

  • The first is the producer, which can control what content goes live.
  • The second is the presenter (there can be more than one). Presenters are the content providers. The producer can display screens and audio and video feeds to the audience.
  • Third are the Attendees. They are the audience members. Attendees cannot speak or participate unless you enable the Q&A feature.
    That feature allows them to ask questions to the presenters and producer by chat (it replaces the meeting chat you see in a
    normal meeting).

Restricting Access

  • In Teams, go to your calendar.
  • In the top right, Click the drop down arrow next to the New Meeting button.
  • Click Live event
  • Fill in the Title and any additional information you’d like to.
  • Invite your presenters.
  • Set your permissions accordingly. You can restrict stream attendees to People and groups, Org-wide (all of Northeastern) or Public (anybody with the link).
  • Check the boxes for the features you want enabled during the event.
  • Schedule your event.
  • Click Get attendee link and follow the instructions to invite attendees (To invite attendees, copy the link and share it or send it in a calendar invite).
  • Note that Presenters can speak but that attendees cannot. If you enabled Q&A as a feature, attendees will be able to post questions there. No other attendees can see that question unless a presenter or the producer (event organizer) publishes it.