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Using Impact Engine Funds to Capture Real-Time ICU Data

BioE/Khoury/Bouve Professor Rai Winslow is leading the project HEART (Healthcare Enabled by AI in Real-Time), from Northeastern’s Impact Engine program, which uses machine learning to collect data from ICU patients to predict any complications. Roux Institute researcher to capture real-time data from ICU monitors for better patient outcomes Main photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images Bedside […]

Impact Engines Spur Multidisciplinary Research Innovation to Solve Global Challenges

Northeastern University has selected its first cohort of Impact Engines to ignite measurable change in problem-solving, three of the five of which are led by engineering faculty.

Announcing the New MS in Bioengineering Concentration: Systems, Synthetic, and Computational Bioengineering

The Department of Bioengineering at Northeastern University is driven by the conviction that the interface of engineering and medicine is one of the great intellectual adventures of the 21st century. Recognizing the breadth of disciplines that contribute to bioengineering, the MS in Bioengineering degree allows students to choose one of four concentrations to develop deep […]

Raimond Winslow

New Faculty Spotlight: Raimond Winslow

Raimond Winslow joins the Bioengineering department in May 2021 as a Professor and Director of Life Science and Medicine Research at the Roux Institute.