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Xufeng Zhang

Zhang Receives ONR YIP Award to Develop THz System-on-a-Chip

ECE Assistant Professor Xufeng Zhang was awarded an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program Award for “Cryogenically Enabled Ultrabroadband THz System-on-a-Chip.” With its comprehensive on-chip signal processing capabilities including THz generation, routing, manipulation, and detection, novel THz SOCs will be suitable for a broad range of applications such as THz wireless communication and sensing without any off-chip components.

Xufeng Zhang

New Quantum Bit Platform Points to New Direction for Low-Cost, Large-Scale Quantum Computers

A paper, titled “Single electrons on solid neon as a solid-state qubit platform,” published in the journal Nature by Assistant Professor Xufeng Zhang, electrical and computer engineering, who had a key contribution in the quantum microwave measurements, and researchers at Argonne National Lab and other collaborative institutions, demonstrates a fundamentally new quantum bit (qubit) platform.

Xufeng Zhang

New Faculty Spotlight: Xufeng Zhang

Xufeng Zhang joins the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in January 2022 as an Assistant Professor.