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Srinivas Tadigadapa

Tadigadapa Selected as a NAI Senior Member

ECE Chair and Professor Srinivas Tadigadapa was selected as a National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Senior Member.

FY23 TIER 1 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 15 COE faculty and affiliates who were recipients of FY23 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 13 different projects.

Srinivas Tadigadapa

Treating Neurodiseases with Implantable Ultrasound Stimulation

ECE Chair and Professor Srinivas Tadigadapa, in collaboration with Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli from Penn State University, was awarded a $250K NSF grant to create “An implantable intracranial ultrasound stimulation for treating neurodiseases.”

COE Faculty Awarded Seed Funding in Collaboration with University of Maine

BioE Assistant Professors Jiahe Li and Mingyang Lu, ECE Professor & Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa, ECE Assistant Professors Sarah Ostadabbas and Xue “Shelley” Lin, and ECE Associate Research Scientist Ataur Katebi were among the faculty chosen for five competitive collaborative research projects with the University of Maine in the areas of artificial intelligence, earth and climate sciences, health and life sciences, manufacturing, and marine sciences.

steering wheel and dashboard of self-driving car

Assuring that Self-Driving Cars are Accessible to Those with Disabilities

ECE Assistant Professor Xue “Shelley” Lin is working with the algorithms in self-driving vehicles to ensure that they will be accessible to those with disabilities.

Srinivas Tadigadapa

Tadigadapa Recipient of 2020 IEEE Sensors Council Meritorious Service Award

ECE Professor and Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa is the recipient of the 2020 IEEE Sensors Council Meritorious Service Award for his outstanding long-term service to the IEEE Sensors Council.

Srinivas Tadigadapa

Tunable, Mid-Infrared Light Emitters

ECE Professor and Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa was awarded a $110K NSF EAGER grant for “Gate tunable thermo-plasmonic mid-IR coherent light emitters.”

Srinivas Tadigadapa

Tadigapada Awarded Biochemical Sensing Patent

ECE Professor & Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa was awarded a patent for Biochemical Sensing Using Microbubbles On A Chip Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonance.

Creating Pressure Sensors with Higher Sensitivity over a Wider Range

ECE Professor & Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa was awarded a patent for creating a “Micromachined bulk acoustic wave resonator pressure sensor”. Abstract Source: USPTO A pressure sensor includes a piezoelectric substrate having a generally planar structure and an anchor location fixing the piezoelectric substrate at the periphery of the planar structure of the piezoelectric substrate. The […]

Providing Students with Access to Superconducting Electronics and Circuits

ECE Assistant Professor Yanzhi Wang and ECE Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa were awarded a $300K NSF IRES grant for a “U.S.-Japan International Research Experience for Students on Superconducting Electronics.”

Smart Sensors for Health Applications

ECE Professor & Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa is using his inquisitive instincts to develop sensing technology for health applications.

ECE Professor and Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa Authors Top 15 Physics Paper in Scientific Reports

ECE Professor and Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa authored one of the 2017 most read physics papers published in Scientific Reports. The article, “On-Chip Glass Microspherical Shell Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators,” placed at number 11 for most read out of more than 3000. For a comprehensive list of the most read physics papers, visit Scientific Reports.

ECE Professor & Chair Tadigadapa Awarded Patent

ECE Professor & Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa was awarded a patent for “Ultra-high speed anisotropic reactive ion etching.” Abstract Source: USPTO A system and method for reactive ion etching (RIE) system of a material is provided. The system includes a plasma chamber comprising a plasma source and a gas inlet, a diffusion chamber comprising a substrate holder for supporting […]

Scientists Cross Disciplines to Develop an Implantable Device to Prevent and Treat Brain Diseases

ECE Chair and Professor Srinivas Tadigadapa was featured in PennState's article "Scientists cross disciplines to develop an implantable device to prevent and treat brain diseases".

New Faculty Spotlight: Srinivas Tadigadapa

Srinivas Tadigadapa joins the Electrical & Computer Engineering department in January 2018 as Professor and Chair.