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Atmospheric Modeling Expertise with an Urban Engineering Focus

Professor Yang Zhang joined Northeastern University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2020 as a Distinguished Fellow. Focused on atmospheric/climate modeling and air quality forecasting, Zhang brings years of leadership in this important field to a growing and diverse range of environmental engineering expertise within the department. Her work is crucial. Globally, the importance […]

Training the Next Generation of Air Quality Forecasters

CEE Professor Yang Zhang worked with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to develop a training book on best practices for air quality monitoring and forecasting.

Spurring Undergraduate Research with the UPLIFT Scholars Program

With a focus on experiential learning and research, the College of Engineering at Northeastern is offering a new undergraduate research program—the Undergraduate Program for Leaders In Future Transformation (UPLIFT). The program is designed to nurture high-potential undergraduate talent through transformative experiential research and learning opportunities. Beginning in their first year of study at Northeastern, UPLIFT […]

Air Quality and Human Health: Decreasing the Climate Penalty Through Pollution Control

In a new paper published in Nature Climate Change titled, “Weakening Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects Mitigate Climate Penalty On Chinese Air Quality,” CEE Professor and Distinguished Fellow Yang Zhang and her former visiting scholar and paper lead author Dr. Chaopeng Hong study how changes in Chinese government policies towards air pollution will affect human health.

Research Reveals Air Pollution Costs US Estimated $1B a Year in Perennial Crop Yield

CEE Professor Yang Zhang co-authored a paper titled “Impacts of ozone and climate change on yields of perennial crops in California,” which was recently published in Nature Food.

New Faculty Spotlight: Yang Zhang

Yang Zhang joins the Civil and Environmental Engineering department in January 2020 as a Professor.