Bajpayee’s Lab Research on Cover of Biomaterials Science Emerging Investigator Issue 2021

biomaterials science cover page with graphic of research from Bioengineering lab

Research of Assistant Professor Ambika Bajpayee, bioengineering, and her team was published on the cover of the Biomaterials Science Emerging Investigator Issue 2021 of the journal Biomaterials Science. The paper, titled “Milk exosomes with enhanced mucus penetrability for oral delivery of siRNA,” was in collaboration with Sanofi. Key authors in addition to Bajpayee, include first author Matt Warren, who is a bioengineering undergraduate student, and Chenzhen Zhang and Armin Vedadghavami, who are bioengineering PhD students—all working in the Bajpayee’s Molecular Boelectrostatics & Drug Delivery Laboratory.

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