Bencherif’s Research Article Featured on the Advanced Healthcare Materials website

ChE Assistant Professor Sidi A. Bencherif’s article, Autoclavable and Injectable Cryogels for Biomedical Applications, is now featured on the Advanced Healthcare Materials website.

Injectable biomaterials, and more particularly cryogels, have gained a rapid and wide interest in the biomedical field. However, sterilization of biomaterials, especially through autoclaving, remains a major challenge. This work reports for the first time the design of robust and biomimetic cryogel scaffolds that remain functional and injectable following the aggressive autoclave process. Until now there have been no literature reports on hydrogels, including cryogels, that can survive autoclave sterilization. These results further demonstrate the huge potential of cryogels and their capacity to be translated into clinical applications.

Congratulations Bencherif Lab!

pictured: Scanning electron microscopy image depicting an autoclavable and syringe injectable sponge-like cryogel scaffold (4-mm x 4-mm x 1-mm).



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