Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology

Forum Karia is a student in the Information Systems-Bridge program. Formerly, she worked as a business analyst at Trafigura Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Trafigura Global Services, a worldwide commodity trading corporation that specializes in trading and distribution of products such as oil, metals, and minerals.

In her role as a business analyst, she worked with the oil operations unit, where she synchronized global trading operations, led a team of four analysts, identified $25 million in savings opportunities, streamlined processes to save 40% time spent on tasks, and negotiated cost-cutting contracts under the global head of operational risk of energy.

After earning her MBA and completing seven years of work experience in business analysis, functional requirement analysis, and handling clients and stakeholders globally, she realized she wanted to pursue a degree in information systems to take on a leadership role as a product or project manager at a reputable multinational corporation.

She joined the MSIS-Bridge program to transition her career and reach her goal. MSIS-Bridge gives those without technical backgrounds the opportunity to succeed and break into the field of technology. “I am confident that my MSIS degree will further enhance my ability to contribute to an organization’s success as I will be equipped with the technical side of things and better deliver my requirements to cross-functional teams to align with an organization’s goals,” she says.

Inspired by the comprehensiveness of the MSIS-Bridge program, she aims to contribute to the advancement of diversity and inclusivity in the technology industry, as well as the creation of chances for underrepresented groups to enter and prosper in the profession.

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