Brooks and DiMarzio Receive $65K NSF Grant

ECE professor Dana Brooks and associate professor Charles DiMarzio have been awarded a $65K NSF grant to develop a computationally-enhanced optical imaging infrastructure. 

Dana Brooks is the Associate Director, Communications and Digital Signal Processing Research Center and PI of the BioMedical Imaging and Signal Processing Center at Northeastern University. Dr. Brooks has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University and has co-authored approximately 60 journal articles. He focuses on the following: Biomedical/ Biological, Communications/Signal Processing, Image Processing, and Modeling and Simulation. 

Charles DiMarzio, author of Optics for Engineers, leads the Optical Science Laboratory. The OSL is one of the laboratories affiliated with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, CenSSIS, and the Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems, at Northeastern University. The Center is an NSF Engineering Research Center, working toward a unified approach to subsurface imaging tasks. The OSL is particularly interested in those imaging techniques which involve optics (especially coherent detection), multi-modal imaging where light is used in combination with another type of wave such as microwave or ultrasound, and hyperspectral imaging. Their applications include biological and medical imaging, landmine detection, and remote sensing of the environment. OSL's goals are to provide a facility for advanced research in these areas in order to address the needs of our research sponsors, and to train the next generation of researchers for industry, academia, and the government.

View the award abstract here.

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