ChE PhD Student Mark Lalli Wins 2015 Graduate Seminar Award

Mark Lalli was honored with the 2015 Graduate Seminar Award. Lalli is a 4th year PhD student in Chemical Engineering under guidance of Anand Asthagiri. The winning seminar was titled "Impact of E-cadherin expression on highly confined electrotaxis."

The Graduate Seminar Award gives $1500 to a recipient for traveling to a conference of their choice to present research. Lalli’s research focuses on using electrical stimuli to direct cell migration, particularly with respect to the breast cancer model system. He has published on the role of cell confinement in electrotaxis and currently has another paper in preparation about a high efficiency cell tracking algorithm for use in analyzing cell migration. Lalli and his team are preparing a patent on a novel electrotactic device, the details of which cannot be disclosed at this time.

Related Faculty: Anand Asthagiri

Related Departments:Chemical Engineering