ChE Professors Receive Awards at ASEE Summer School Conference

Three Northeastern Chemical Engineering professors were named among winners at the American Society of Engineering Education Chemical Engineering Division Summer School this past week.  The ASEE Summer School is an education conference occurring only once every five years, designed to allow for effective teaching techniques and practices to be shared by chemical engineering educators from across the country.  Professors and educators in the early stages of their career can partake in the opportunity to grow in their teaching abilities and help bring back and reaffirm a commitment to education at their home universities.

As part of the poster session for all attendees to share their ideas and innovations for education, several Northeastern professors received the 2017 ASEE Chemical Engineering Summer School Poster Award.  Prof. Adam Ekenseair was honored for his poster, "Design of Renewable Energy Power Cycles in a Thermodynamics Classroom"; Prof. Lucas Landherr was honored for his poster, "Using Comics To Teach Complex Chemical Engineering Concepts To Undergraduates"; and Prof. Courtney Pfluger was honored for her poster, "Reinventing a First Year Design Course using a Clean Water Theme".  Each of them will have the opportunity to present their work in an upcoming special issue of the Chemical Engineering Education journal.

Along with attendance by instructor Tracy Carter, Northeastern was well-represented at the largest-ever ASEE Chemical Engineering Summer School conference, in the 16 times the conference has been held since 1931.

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