Closas receives Best Paper in Track Award at IEEE/ION PLANS 2023

ECE Associate Professor Pau Closas received the Best Paper in Track Award at the 2023 IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS) for the work “Jammer Classification with Federated Learning*”, with electrical engineering students Peng Wu and Helena Calatrava, and Associate Research Scientist Tales Imbiriba.

*P. Wu, H. Calatrava, T. Imbiriba, P. Closas, “Jammer Classification with Federated Learning,” in the Proceedings of the IEEE/ION Position Location and Navigation Symposium (PLANS ’23), 24-27 April 2023, Monterey, CA, USA.

Related Faculty: Pau Closas, Tales Imbiriba

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering