Developing Cutting-Edge Testing Technology for 5G Open RAN

ECE Principal Research Scientist Pedram Johari is leading a $2M project awarded by the Wireless Innovation Fund to develop a digital framework for testing 5G Open RAN systems called “DigiRAN: High-Fidelity Digital Twins for Interoperability, Security and Performance Testing of Open RAN Systems.” DigiRAN is a digital framework that enables diverse, low-cost, and automated testing of three core components for 5G Open RAN: interoperability, performance, and security. ECE Professor Tommaso Melodia, Assistant Research Professor Salvatore D’Oro, Associate Research Scientist Leonardo Bonati, and Assistant Research Professor Michele Polese will also be collaborating on this project.

Related Faculty: Pedram Johari, Tommaso Melodia, Salvatore D'Oro, Leonardo Bonati, Michele Polese

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering