Leonardo Bonati

Associate Research Scientist,  Electrical and Computer Engineering



Jan 23, 2024

Developing AI-Powered Testing for Next-Gen Cellular Networks

ECE Assistant Research Professor Michele Polese is leading a $2 million project awarded by the Wireless Innovation Fund for “AutoRAN: Automated End-to-End Continuous Testing for Open and Disaggregated Cellular Systems.”


Nov 30, 2023

Developing Cutting-Edge Testing Technology for 5G Open RAN

ECE Principal Research Scientist Pedram Johari is leading a $2M project awarded by the Wireless Innovation Fund to develop a digital framework for testing 5G Open RAN systems called “DigiRAN: High-Fidelity Digital Twins for Interoperability, Security and Performance Testing of Open RAN Systems.” DigiRAN is a digital framework that enables diverse, low-cost, and automated testing of three core components for 5G Open RAN: interoperability, performance, and security.

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