Developing AI-Powered Testing for Next-Gen Cellular Networks

ECE Assistant Research Professor Michele Polese is leading a $2 million project awarded by the Wireless Innovation Fund for “AutoRAN: Automated End-to-End Continuous Testing for Open and Disaggregated Cellular Systems.” The project team aims to develop and operationalize AutoRAN, a new testing methodology based on a collection of automated and continuous software pipelines designed to automatically test disaggregated Radio Access Network (RAN) components. The project will explore the use of AI and large language models to streamline the process of testing the performance of multi-vendor Open RAN networks. ECE Assistant Research Professor Salvatore D’Oro, Associate Research Scientist Leonardo Bonati, Principal Research Scientist Pedram Johari, and Professor Tommaso Melodia will also be collaborating on this project in partnership with NVIDIA, AT&T, and zTouch Networks, an WIoT spinoff.  This is their third project funded by the Wireless Innovation Fund.

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