Enhancing Antenna Defense and Interference Control Using Smart Metamaterials

Vincent Harris

Vincent Harris, University Distinguished and William Lincoln Smith Professor, electrical and computer engineering, was awarded a patent for “Magnetodielectric metamaterials and articles including magnetodielectric metamaterials.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

Magnetodielectric (MD) metamaterials have a magnetodielectric (MD) substrate of a ferrite composition or composite having a characteristic impedance matching an impedance of free space and at least one frequency selective surface (FSS). The FSS has a plurality of frequency selective surface elements disposed in a pattern and supported on the MD substrate. The FSS has a conducting composition and is configured to permit one or more of transmission, reflection, or absorption at a selected resonant frequency or selected frequency band. Articles incorporating magnetodielectric metamaterials are provided.

Related Faculty: Vincent G. Harris

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering