Fu Awarded NSF I-Corps Grant

raymond fu

ECE Associate Professor Raymond Fu was awarded a $50K NSF I-Corps grant for his “Facial Image Analysis System“.

Abstract Source: NSF

This project, based on artificial intelligent (AI) research, focuses on automatic digital facial image analysis with applications that range from security and defense to cosmetics.

This team developed “Emirror”, a facial-analysis system that can have broad relevance in many application areas. For example, their technology could serve as a component of “Smart Home” suites, contributing to the development of smart hardware across a broad arena, integrated into facial detection software for security applications, and, used in virtual media or human image enhancement. The outcomes anticipated from this effort may also contribute to new ways of constructing facial analysis algorithms.

Using augmented reality technology, the initial commercial testing of Emirror through I-Corps customer discovery, will focus on cosmetics analysis – including a recommendation system for makeup based on rich facial attributes, thus engaging a new business model in a virtual cosmetic market. Supported by a big-data pool, generated by use cases, this AI system evolves into an expert in whatever field of application is in use — such as facial recognition, make-up selection, image modification, etc. Beyond applications like virtual makeup try-on, this innovative technology can also be applied to many other fields. For security and defense, this technique can identify, for example, criminals who are camouflaged using heavy makeup. This process is especially important for many safety-centric organizations and activities, such as police departments, security agencies, and public space surveillance systems, where techniques are needed that will improve suspect-verification accuracy.

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