Ganguly Will Serve as Co-Director of Global Resilience Institute

Auroop Ganguly

CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly and CSSH Professor Daniel Aldrich will serve as co-directors of the newly structured Global Resilience Institute (GRI), which is committed to developing and deploying practical and innovative tools, applications, and skills that strengthen the resilience of individuals, communities, infrastructure, systems, networks, and societies.

Climate change, urbanization, and social tensions have damaged communities, constrained resources, forced migrations, and caused cascading failures around the world. Cities and their rural hinterlands across the world are struggling to retain livelihoods, lifelines, health, infrastructures, ecosystems, and economies in a sustainable manner. Resilience in this context refers to the ability to reduce fragility during and recover effectively after extremes or stresses, while also investing in preparedness and mitigation, in a way that preserves lives and assets while ensuring continued progress and prosperity. From building back better and designing financial incentives to developing nature-inspired systems and equitable social capital, resilience strategies need to be multifaceted and interdisciplinary.


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