Heating at the Nanoscale

MIE Professor Teiichi Ando was awarded a patent for creating a nanoscale heater element capable of local selectivity and controlled exposure.

Abstract Source: US Patent & Trademark Office

The present invention provides devices and methods for making nano structures such a nanoheater. In one embodiment, the nanoheater element comprises a first reactive member and interlayer disposed in communication with at least a portion thereof. Preferably, contact between the first and second reactive members of the nanoheater element can yield at least one exothermic reaction. A nanoheater device of the invention can optionally comprise a substrate on which the first reactive member is positioned in combination with other components. The invention also provides a nanoheater system comprising a plurality of nanoheater elements. Exemplary nanoheater elements and systems can be used to perform a method of the invention in which heat is produced. Methods includes processes for fabricating nanostructures such as layered devices, nanorods and nanowires.

Related Faculty: Teiichi Ando

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering