Improving Fluidic Devices for Cell Cultures

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ChE Assistant Professor Ryan Koppes and Associate Professor Abigail Koppes were awarded a patent for designing a “Fluidic device and method of assembling same.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

An embodiment is a scientific fluidic device and a method of assembly of single and multilayer fluidic devices via laser cut and assembly of double sided adhesives. The device includes a member defining a cavity and having two sides, both sides including an adhesive compound, and at least one substrate defining at least two plenums and coupling to the member, forming a flow path. The components of the fluidic device are produced via laser cut and assembly methods. The fluidic device remains intact via adhesive coupling between the substrate(s), member(s), and membrane(s). Altogether, the fluidic device requires assembly that is efficient and economical, resulting in high throughput manufacturing of the fluidic devices.

Related Faculty: Ryan Koppes, Abigail N. Koppes

Related Departments:Chemical Engineering