Magnetic Materials with Limited Eddy Current Loss and Permeability

Vincent Harris

ECE Research Assistant Professor Parisa Andalib and Professor Vincent Harris were awarded a patent for “Magnetic materials with ultrahigh resistivity intergrain nanoparticles.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

A composite magnetic material has a plurality of grains having a magnetic ferrite phase, grain boundaries surrounding the grains, and a plurality of nanoparticles disposed at the grain boundaries. The nanoparticles of the composite material are both magnetic and electrically insulating, having a magnetic flux density of greater than about 100 mT and an electrical resistivity of at least about 108 Ohm-cm. Also provided is a method of making the composite material. The material is useful for making inductor cores of electronic devices.

Related Faculty: Parisa Andalib, Vincent G. Harris

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering