Makris Awarded Patent for Monitoring Marine Animals

purnima ratilal makris

ECE Professor Purnima Ratilal Makris was awarded a patent for “Systems and methods for monitoring and classifying marine animals based on acoustic signals”.

Abstract Source: USPTO

Disclosed herein are apparatus, devices, and methods for monitoring marine animals, such as whales, and other marine mammals, and fish groups within a marine environment. A marine animal monitoring system may include an acoustic receiver array having a high-resolution directional sensing capacity using large-aperture densely-sampled coherent ocean acoustic receiver arrays operative to enhance detection range and localization accuracy of marine mammal vocalizations and fish acoustic signals. The acoustic receiver array may generate acoustic signal information based on acoustic signals sensed at the array. The marine monitoring system may operate to generate marine animal information based on the acoustic signal information, such as marine animal location, species, call type, and/or the like.


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Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering