Manufacturing Thermal Interfaces

Randall Erb

MIE Associate Professor Randall Erb was awarded a patent for developing “Methods for the manufacture of thermal interfaces, thermal interfaces, and articles comprising the same”.

Abstract Source: USPTO

In an embodiment, a process for making a thermal interface article comprises shaping a flowable composite comprising a flowable matrix composition, a plurality of magnetic, thermally conductive particles having an average length greater than a thickness or diameter, wherein the plurality of magnetic, thermally conductive particles have magnetic or superparamagnetic nanoparticles attached thereto, to provide the flowable composite in a shape comprising a first surface and an opposing second surface, and having a Z-axis perpendicular to the first surface and the opposing second surface; subjecting the flowable composite to a rotating magnetic field and to a vibrational force in an amount and for a time effective to align the average length of the plurality of magnetic, thermally conductive particles along the Z-axis; and solidifying the flowable matrix composition to provide the thermal interface, wherein the thermal interface has a Z-direction thermal conductivity of at least 1.0 W/mK.


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