New Methods to Improve Phosphorus Recovery

Damilola Daramola

ChE/COS Assistant Professor Damilola Daramola’s research on “Considerations for Electrochemical Phosphorus Precipitation: A Figures of Merit Approach” was published by The Electrochemical Society.

Abstract Source: IOPscience

Electrochemical phosphorus precipitation (EPP) from wastewater is a promising emerging technology for recovering valuable nutrients. While there are significant advantages of EPP compared to traditional phosphorus recovery, large gaps in reported performance exist between EPP methods and between EPP and industrial methods. Herein we discuss Figures of Merit (FOM) to normalize and report EPP performance at low-to-intermediate technology readiness levels (TRLs). The appropriate use of FOM in electrochemical engineering enables better comparison between technologies, enhanced understanding of electrochemical and mass transport phenomena, and faster scale-up and adoption of nascent technologies.¬ FOM specific to EPP are discussed along with important considerations and adaptations from traditional electrochemical engineering FOM. Importantly, this FOM approach may be adapted for many different electrochemical processes and technologies, aiding in the push toward and adoption of electrification in chemical processing.

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