Niedre Awarded $360K Grant

New Investigator Research Matching Grants, amounting to about $1.4 million in total, have been awarded to colleges and universities in the state through funding from the Massachusetts Life Science Center.

The MLSC awarded seven recipients with a second round of grants of up to $100,000 per year for up to two years; each recipient’s research institution will match the funding. In total, the researchers could receive $2.8 million. The seven recipients are: Jeffrey Bailey, of UMass Medical School, who is researching the role of human copy number variation in severe malaria; Christopher Gabel, or Boston University Medical Center, who is researching neural regeneration after traumatic brain and spinal cord injury; Sun Hur, of the Immune Disease Institute at Children’s Hospital Boston, who is researching gene recognition of viral RNAs; Raul Mostolovsky, of Mass General Hospital, who is studying the link between metabolism, DNA repair and cancer; Mark Niedre, of Northeastern University, who is developing a non-invasive device to detect rare blood cells; Konstantina Stankovic, of Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary, who is working on a way to treat hearing loss from neural degeneration; and Satoshi Yoshida, of Brandeis University, who is researching anti-fungal therapies.

In 2008, the MLSC awarded eleven grants worth $3.1 million to new researchers connected with ten different institutions across the state. Those investigators were doing research in different fields. The research included the dissection of signaling pathways in the destruction of an oncoprotein, and the creation of a molecular toolkit for the analysis of the human kinetochore.

The MLSC is a quasi-public agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts tasked with implementing the Massachusetts Life Sciences Act, a 10-year, $1 billion initiative that was signed into law in June of 2008.

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