Northeastern Engineering Hosts First Single Cell Proteomics Conference

The first Single Cell Proteomics (SCP) Conference was recently held on Northeastern’s campus and hosted by Bioengineering Assistant Professor Nikolai Slavov and Dr. Bogdan Budnick, Director of Proteomics at the Harvard University Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Resource Lab. Pioneering efforts at Northeastern University have demonstrated the feasibility of quantifying thousands of proteins in single cells by mass-spectrometry.

Developing and applying methods to study single cells is a major and growing trend in biomedical research, with multiple well-funded large-scale projects aiming to map single cells. These projects at present are largely driven by single-cell RNA sequencing. However, proteins and their modifications mediate most of normal and disease related physiological processes, and any effort to understand biology and disease will be incomplete without considering the major actors in the human body: proteins. Yet, quantifying proteins at scale in single cells is very challenging.

The SCP conference gathered top experts from across the world to share results and define the agenda of this new community. The conference featured 15 lectures from invited leaders in the field and showcased posters from selected abstracts. The results of these efforts hold the potential to revolutionize biology and medicine. The conference was made possible by generous sponsorship from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, PharmaFluidics, and Diagenode.

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