Printing SWCNT on 3D Patterned Surface

MIE Professor Kai-Tak Wan and Associate Professor Yung Joon Jung's research on "Printing Highly Controlled Suspended Carbon Nanotube Network on Micro-patterned Superhydrophobic Flexible Surface" was published in Scientific Reports.

Abstract Source: Scientific Reports

Suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) offer unique functionalities for electronic and electromechanical systems. Due to their outstanding flexible nature, suspended SWCNT architectures have great potential for integration into flexible electronic systems. However, current techniques for integrating SWCNT architectures with flexible substrates are largely absent, especially in a manner that is both scalable and well controlled. Here, we present a new nanostructured transfer paradigm to print scalable and well-defined suspended nano/microscale SWCNT networks on 3D patterned flexible substrates with micro- to nanoscale precision. The underlying printing/transfer mechanism, as well as the mechanical, electromechanical, and mechanical resonance properties of the suspended SWCNTs are characterized, including identifying metrics relevant for reliable and sensitive device structures. Our approach represents a fast, scalable and general method for building suspended nano/micro SWCNT architectures suitable for flexible sensing and actuation systems.

Related Faculty: Kai-tak Wan, Yung Joon Jung

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering