Professor Kim Awarded Patent

ECE Professor Yong-Bin Kim was awarded a patent for creating an "Impedance calibration device for semiconductor device". He was also awarded a South Korean patent for "Receiver Circuits for DRAM".

Abstract Source: USPTO

An impedance calibration device for a semiconductor device includes a process sensor that detects a process condition for the semiconductor device and outputs a process signal, a temperature monitoring sensor that detects a temperature of the semiconductor device and outputs a temperature signal, a converter that converts the process signal and the temperature signal into a digital signal, and a code generation circuit that generates and outputs a driving code for controlling a level of a voltage at an output node according to the digital signal of the converter and a data signal. The impedance calibration device further includes an output driver that pulls up or pulls down the voltage at the output node according to the driving code.

Related Faculty: Yong-Bin Kim

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering