Profs. Miriam Leeser and Mitch Kokar Giving Invited Talks At 2015 New England Workshop for Software Defined Radio (NEWSDR’15)

On Friday, May 22nd, ECE professors Miriam Leeser and Mieczyslaw 'Mitch' Kokar will be giving keynote talks at the 2015 New England Workshop for Software Defined Radio (NEWSDR’15).

The goal of the NEWSDR workshop series is "to provide a forum through which individuals working on SDR-related projects in the greater Boston area can get together in order to collaborate and introduce SDR concepts to those interested in furthering their knowledge of SDR capabilities and available resources," with a poster session and technical demonstrations accompanying the keynote presentations.

Only three presenters were invited to speak, making Profs. Leeser and Kokar's inclusion all the more impressive. The third presentation will be by Professor Frederic Harris from San Diego State University.

The event is being held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with more information available on their website.


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