Research from ChemE Undergraduate Deb Pano Featured on the Cover of Process Safety Progress

Deb Pano is a 4th year Chemical Engineering student pursuing her BS and MS degrees concurrently. She first became interested in process safety after traveling on Professor Ron Willey’s Dialogue of Civilizations in Tarragona, Spain during the summer of 2015. During this trip, Professor Willey taught a course on process safety which included visits to various chemical plants in Spain. After returning to Boston, Deb continued her process safety education in another course taught by Professor Willey which included demonstrations and case studies. It was through this course that Ms. Pano got involved with the journal Process Safety Progress.

With help from Professor Willey and her co-author, Christina Baulch, she began working on a piece about how smartphones fit into the world of safety in the chemical process industry. The intention of this piece was to give her perspective as a young professional and convey how smartphones can be an asset in the industry to older people who have superior knowledge about the industry (but less so about modern technology and social media). Using a variety of sources, the authors compiled a list of ways phones were used in the industry and brainstormed ways these uses could be further improved. This is what turned into The Smart Phone and Process Safety.

Related Faculty: Ronald J. Willey

Related Departments:Chemical Engineering