SDS Lab Forms risQ Spinout Company

The Sustainability and Data Sciences (SDS) Lab led by CEE Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly has created risQ as a start-up company. The Co-Founders of risQ are Auroop Ganguly, who will be the Chief Scientific Advisor; Evan Kodra, PhD’14, who will be the Chief Executive Officer; and Colin A. Sullivan, CE’14, who will be the Chief Operating Officers. Stephen Flynn will be the Chief Resilience Advisor.

risQ will develop products and analytics for helping public and private stakeholders enhance their resilience to climate change, weather extremes, and natural/man-made hazards. These stakeholders reside in the insurance and critical infrastructure sectors (i.e. transportation, water, energy). In addition, risQ offers in-depth analytics and statistical modeling consulting services for challenging, data-centric problems.

Related Faculty: Auroop R. Ganguly, Stephen Flynn

Related Departments:Civil & Environmental Engineering