Subharmonic Tag for Wireless Sensing

graphic of technology

ECE PhD student Hussein Hussein, Professor Matteo Rinaldi, Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo, and Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella had their research on “A chip-less and battery-less subharmonic tag for wireless sensing with parametrically enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range” published in Scientific Reports from the Nature group.

Through this paper, a new passive tag able to sense with exceptional range without requiring batteries or integrated circuits is presented. The technology discussed for the first time in this paper generates new unique possibilities within the continuously expanding Internet-of-Things (IoT), providing the unprecedented means to achieve wireless sensing devices with exceptional sensitivities, yet not requiring either the batteries or the ad-hoc on-chip components that are currently needed and that increase the fabrication and maintenance cost preventing the envisioned and strongly desired widespread development of IoT nodes.

Related Faculty: Cristian Cassella, Matteo Rinaldi, Marvin Onabajo

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering