Marvin Onabajo

Associate Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering



  • 408 Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC)
  • 617.373.3452

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Research Focus

Design of analog, radio frequency, and mixed-signal integrated circuits; built-in test and calibration techniques for systems-on-a-chip; on-chip temperature sensors for thermal monitoring and built-in testing; integrated circuits for medical applications


Marvin Onabajo received a B.S. degree (summa cum laude) in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2003 as well as the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2007 and 2011, respectively. He was Electrical Test/Product Engineer at Intel Corp. in Hillsboro, Oregon from 2004 to 2005. In the Spring 2011 semester, he worked as a Design Engineering Intern in the Broadband RF/Tuner Development group at Broadcom Corp. in Irvine, California. Marvin Onabajo joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Northeastern University as an Assistant Professor in the Fall 2011 semester.


  • Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2011

Honors & Awards

  • NSF CAREER Award
  • Martin Essigman Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of Engineering at Northeastern University (2015)
  • ARO Young Investigator Program Award

Research Overview

Design of analog, radio frequency, and mixed-signal integrated circuits; built-in test and calibration techniques for systems-on-a-chip; on-chip temperature sensors for thermal monitoring and built-in testing; integrated circuits for medical applications

Selected Research Projects

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • G. Jha, M. A. A. Ibrahim, and M. Onabajo, “Analysis and experimental validation of large-signal linearization for low-power complex OTA-C filters,” IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems, vol. 2, pp. 398-406, May 2021.
  • M. Yan, H. Wei, and M. Onabajo, “On-chip thermal profiling to detect malicious activity: system-level concepts and design of key building blocks,” IEEE Trans. on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 530-543, March 2021.
  • K. Chen, L. Petruzzi, R. Hulfachor, and M. Onabajo, “A 1.16-V 5.8-ppm/°C to 13.5-ppm/°C curvature-compensated CMOS bandgap reference circuit with a shared offset cancellation method for internal amplifiers,” IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, vol. 56, no. 1, pp. 267-276, Jan. 2021.
  • D. Das, M. Nasrollahpour, Z. Xu, M. Zaeimbashi, I. Martos-Repath, A. Mittal, A. Khalifa, S. Cash, A. Shrivastava, N. X. Sun, and M. Onabajo, “A radio frequency magnetoelectric antenna prototyping platform for neural activity monitoring devices with sensing and energy harvesting capabilities,” Electronics, Special Issue on Integrated Electronic Circuits and Systems for Unobtrusive Biomedical Sensing, vol. 9, no. 12, Dec. 2020.
  • M. A. A. Ibrahim and M. Onabajo, “A low-power BFSK transmitter architecture for biomedical applications,” IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, vol. 67, no. 5, pp. 1527-1540, May 2020.
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Feb 17, 2021

Subharmonic Tag for Wireless Sensing

ECE PhD student Hussein Hussein, Professor Matteo Rinaldi, Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo, and Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella had their research on “A chip-less and battery-less subharmonic tag for wireless sensing with parametrically enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range” published in Scientific Reports from the Nature group.

Marvin Onabajo


Feb 04, 2020

Onabajo Awarded Patent for FSK Wireless Transmitters

ECE Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo was awarded a patent for “Low-power frequency-shift keying (FSK) wireless transmitters.”

Portraits of Cassella, Onabajo, and Rinaldi


Aug 23, 2019

Cassella Receives NSF Award to Enable Longer Battery Lifetime and Next-Generation Micro- and Nano-Sensors

ECE Assistant Professor Cristian Cassella (PI), Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo, and  Associate Professor Matteo Rinaldi received a $437K NSF award from the CCSS-Comms Circuits & Sens Sys program for “Fully Integrated Parametric Filters for Extensive Phase-Noise Reduction in Low-Power RF Front-Ends and Resonant Sensing Platforms.” The research program aims to exploit, for the first time, […]


Oct 09, 2018

$1.34M NIH Grant for Wireless Microscale Neuronal Recording and Stimulation System

ECE Professor Nian Sun, Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo and Assistant Professor Aatmesh Shrivastava were awarded a $1.34M NIH collaborative grant with Massachusetts General Hospital to work on nano-scale neural radio frequency identification (NanoNeuroRFID) devices for wireless neural magnetic modulation and recording.


Sep 12, 2018

Detecting Trojan Circuits with On-Chip Temperature Sensors

ECE Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo and Professor Yong-Bin Kim were awarded a patent for creating a "method to use on-chip temperature sensors for detection of Trojan circuits". Abstract Source: USPTO A method for detecting a malicious circuit on an integrated circuit chip is provided, in which temperature sensors are thermally coupled to primary circuitry on […]


Jul 09, 2018

Improving the Acquisition of EEG Signals

ECE Assistant Professor Aatmesh Shrivastava & Associate Professor Marvin Onabajo were awarded a $500K NSF grant to develop an analog computing based feature extraction system-on-a-chip with dry skin-electrode contact interface circuits for wireless EEG sensing.


Feb 06, 2018

Detecting Hardware Sabotage

ECE Assistant Professor Marvin Onabajo is using his Army Research Office Young Investigator award to detect if electronic chips have been embedded with malicious Trojans.


Jan 02, 2018

Onabajo Awarded Patent

ECE Assistant Professor Marvin Onabajo was awarded a patent for “Instrumentation amplifier with digitally programmable input capacitance cancellation”. Abstract Source: USPTO An instrumentation amplifier that includes input capacitance cancellation is provided. The architecture includes programmable capacitors between the input stage and a current feedback loop of the instrumentation amplifier to cancel input capacitances from electrode […]


Sep 15, 2017

Onabajo is the recipient of an ARO Young Investigator Program Award

Assistant Professor Marvin Onabajo, electrical and computer engineering, has received a $205,000 Young Investigator Award from the Army Research Office (ARO). The grant supports Onabajo’s efforts to develop security solutions for the global semiconductor industry — specifically, an on-chip thermal sensing system that detects hardware hacking attempts. “There is an increasing risk of harmful modifications that can […]

Jun 28, 2017

Young Scholar Program Provides Experience-Based Learning for Future Scientists and Engineers

The Center for STEM Education kicked off its 2017 Young Scholars Program on June 26, 2017, with 26 budding scientists and engineers from high schools at a variety of cities and towns in the Greater Boston area.

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