Tiwari Receives PC Chair Award

Tiwari receiving award.

ECE Associate Professor Devesh Tiwari was invited to serve as the Program Committee (PC) Chair of the 31st ACM HPDC’23 conference – a prestigious recognition in the field. Tiwari served as the PC co-chair along with Ada Gavrilovska (from Georgia Tech). HPDC is one of the top-tier, highly-selective HPC conferences. The HPDC Steering Committee recognized Tiwari with the “PC Chair Award” for building this year’s strong & innovative program, and inducted him to the HPDC steering committee.

This year, HPDC PC Chairs introduced multiple novel components to the peer-review process to improve the review quality, including new suggested introduction formatting, a definition of review confidence (a combination of subject expertise and time spent on reviewing), self-certification of review quality, new methods for assessing the severity of raised concerns (textual edits vs. methodological changes), and a new rating scheme. The PC chairs have made the newly designed review-form publicly available for community adoption and enhancement.

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