Wan Awarded Patent for Equi-biaxial Membrane Stretcher

MIE Professor Kai-tak Wan was awarded a patent for his "Equi-biaxial membrane stretcher".

Abstract Source: USPTO

A system for and method of stretching a membrane is provided. The system has a top plate and a bottom plate that are in parallel with each other and a plurality of flexible v trusses. The top plate is configured to move vertically. The v trusses are placed in circle and have arms pointing to the center. There is a clamp for each arm for clamping a membrane. When external force is applied to push the top plate towards the bottom plate, the force bends the trusses, which is translated to the horizontal displacement of the trusses with arms. As the trusses move outwards, the clamped membrane is stretched.

Related Faculty: Kai-tak Wan

Related Departments:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering