Jennifer Dy

Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Experiential AI Postdoc Education,  Roux Institute


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Research Focus

Machine learning; data mining; statistical pattern recognition; computer vision and image processing


Dr. Jennifer G. Dy is a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, since 2002. She obtained her MS and PhD in 1997 and 2001 respectively from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, and her BS degree in 1993 from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of the Philippines. She received an NSF Career award in 2004. She is an editorial board member for the journal, Machine Learning since 2004, publications chair for the International Conference on Machine Learning in 2004, and program committee member for ICML, ACM SIGKDD, AAAI, and SIAM SDM. Her research interests include Machine Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision.


  • PhD, Purdue University, 2001. Joined Northeastern in 2002.

Honors & Awards

  • NSF CAREER Award

Selected Publications

  • D’Alonzo, Marissa, Bozkurt, Alican, Alessi-Fox, Christi, Gill, Melissa, Brooks, Dana H., Rajadhyaksha, Milind, Kose, Kivanc, Dy, Jennifer G. (2021). Semantic segmentation of reflectance confocal microscopy mosaics of pigmented lesions using weak labels. Scientific Reports, 11(1). 10.1038/S41598-021-82969-9
  • Hoemann, Katie, Khan, Zulqarnain, Feldman, Mallory J., Nielson, Catie, Devlin, Madeleine, Dy, Jennifer, Barrett, Lisa Feldman, Wormwood, Jolie B., Quigley, Karen S. (2021). Author Correction: Context-aware experience sampling reveals the scale of variation in affective experience. Scientific Reports, 11(1). 10.1038/S41598-021-82415-W
  • Hoemann, Katie, Khan, Zulqarnain, Kamona, Nada, Dy, Jennifer, Barrett, Lisa Feldman, Quigley, Karen S. (2021). Investigating the relationship between emotional granularity and cardiorespiratory physiological activity in daily life. Psychophysiology, 10.1111/PSYP.13818
  • Jian, Tong, Gong, Yifan, Zhan, Zheng, Shi, Runbin, Soltani, Nasim, Wang, Zifeng, Dy, Jennifer G., Chowdhury, Kaushik Roy, Wang, Yanzhi, Ioannidis, Stratis (2021). Radio Frequency Fingerprinting on the Edge. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, ,1-1. 10.1109/TMC.2021.3064466
  • Kose, Kivanc, Bozkurt, Alican, Alessi-Fox, Christi, Gill, Melissa, Longo, Caterina, Pellacani, Giovanni, Dy, Jennifer G., Brooks, Dana H., Rajadhyaksha, Milind (2021). Segmentation of cellular patterns in confocal images of melanocytic lesions in vivo via a multiscale encoder-decoder network (MED-Net). Medical Image Analysis, 67,101841. 10.1016/J.MEDIA.2020.101841
  • Lee, Sunghoon I., Adans-Dester, Catherine P., OBrien, Anne T., Black-Schaffer, Randie, Zafonte, Ross, Dy, Jennifer G., Bonato, Paolo, Vergara-Diaz, Gloria P. (2021). Predicting and Monitoring Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Outcomes Using Clinical and Wearable Sensor Data in Brain Injury Survivors. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 68(6),1871-1881. 10.1109/TBME.2020.3027853


Jan 25, 2023

The Dependencies Between El Niño and River Flow

Research conducted by ECE Professor Jennifer Dy and CEE Professor Auroop Ganguly on “Explainable deep learning for insights in El Niño and river flows” was published in Nature.


Nov 04, 2022

Insect Population Decline to Effect Pollination

Interdisciplinary engineering student Kate Duffy, PhD’21, has been studying the effect of climate change on insect populations and their important role in our ecosystem.


Nov 02, 2022

2022 Stanford University Annual Assessment of Author Citations

The following COE professors are among the top scientists worldwide selected by Stanford University representing the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists with single-year impact in various disciplines. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above. The list below includes […]


Sep 26, 2022

Impact Engines Spur Multidisciplinary Research Innovation to Solve Global Challenges

Northeastern University has selected its first cohort of Impact Engines to ignite measurable change in problem-solving, three of the five of which are led by engineering faculty.


Dec 23, 2021

COE Professors Selected in Stanford University List of Top 2% Scientists Worldwide

The following COE professors are among the top scientists worldwide selected by Stanford University representing the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists with single-year impact in various disciplines. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above. The list below includes […]

abstract photo of women doctor pointing to tablet with medical imagery around it


May 11, 2021

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Human beings are some of the most complex systems in the world, and responses to illness, disease, and impairments manifest in countless different ways. When it comes to making sure that your system stays up and running, healthcare professionals typically have their own deep well of knowledge—but the addition of artificial intelligence tools offers unprecedented […]

student works on wireless rack in data center


Apr 16, 2021

Silevitch to Direct New AI Jumpstart Program

ECE Professor Michael Silevitch will lead a new Massachusetts program, AI Jumpstart, to connect small business owners in the state with academic faculty experts to learn how machine learning can grow their companies. Northeastern received a $2.2 million state grant that will be used primarily for high-speed computer equipment and also to provide for faculty consultants, both of which will be available to selected companies to get the pilot effort up and running. Northeastern kicked in an additional $2 million, raising the program’s total value to more than $4 million.

student sitting at table smiling


Mar 02, 2021

The ‘Triple Husky’ Experience

Sarah Brown is a true Northeastern success story: a ‘triple Husky’ who earned her bachelor’s in electrical engineering, E’11, master’s in electrical and computer engineering, ME’14, and a doctorate in electrical engineering, PhD’16. After completing her doctorate, she was awarded the University of California at Berkeley Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship and served as a postdoctoral research […]

Setareh Ariafar

Spotlight Story

Oct 02, 2020

PhD Spotlight: Setareh Ariafar, PhD’20 – Electrical Engineering

Advised by College of Engineering Professors Jennifer Dy and Dana Brooks, Electrical and Computer Engineering Setareh Ariafar joined the Machine Learning Lab and the Bio-Medical Imaging and Signal Processing Lab to pursue her doctoral studies at Northeastern University in 2015, after finishing her master’s degree from Boston University, and a BS and MS from the […]

Stratis Ioannidis with Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş


Jul 28, 2020

ECE Team Wins Facebook Research Award

ECE Associate Professor Stratis Ioannidis is leading a team with Professors Jennifer Dy and Deniz Erdoğmuş, that won a highly competitive Facebook Research Award with their project “Learning from Comparisons”.

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