Tarik Gouhier

Affiliated Faculty,  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor,  Marine and Environmental Sciences



  • 617.373.2061

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Research Focus

Population Biology


  • PhD, McGill University, 2010

Teaching Interests

Population Biology

Research Overview

Population Biology

Selected Research Projects

  • Mechanisms of Resistance And Resilience to System Wide Loss of a Keystone Predator in an Iconic Intertidal Community
    Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation
  • Spatiotemporal Extremes And Associations: Marine Adaptation and Survivorship Under Changes in Extreme Ocean Temperatures
    Co-Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation
  • The Effects of Fine-Scale Temperature and Desiccation Variability on the Distribution of Marine Species
    Co-Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation

Selected Publications

  • M. Yeager, A.R. Hughes, T.C. Gouhier, Predicting the Stability of Multitrophic Communities in a Variable World, Ecology, 101, 2020, e02992
  • P. Pillai, T.C. Gouhier, Not Even Wrong: The Spurious Measurement of Biodiversity’s Effects on Ecosystem Functioning, Ecology, 100, 2019, e02645
  • D.L. Townsend, T.C. Gouhier, Spatial and Interspecific Differences in Recruitment Decouple Synchrony and Stability in Trophic Metacommunities, Theoretical Ecology, 12, 2019, 319–327
  • G. Di Cecco, T.C. Gouhier, Increased Spatial and Temporal Autocorrelation of Temperature Under Climate Change, Scientific Reports, 8, 2018, 14850
  • T Rogers, T.C. Gouhier, D.L. Kimbro, Temperature-Dependency of Intraguild Predation Between Native and Invasive Crabs, Ecology, 99, 2018, 885-895
  • D. Wang, T.C. Gouhier, B.A. Menge, A.R. Ganguly Intensification and Spatial Homogenization of Coastal Upwelling Under Climate Change, Nature, 518, 2015, 390-394

Feb 19, 2015

Climate Effect on Coast

CIV Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & Tarik Gouhier’s article in Nature shows that climate change will result in major changes in coastal marine ecosystems.

Jul 22, 2014

Interdisciplinary NSF Grant

Electrical & Computer Engineering Associate Professor Jennifer Dy, Civil & Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Auroop Ganguly & Affiliated Assistant Professor Tarik Gouhier were awarded an $1.2M NSF Cyber SEES grant to study changes in marine organisms based on ocean temperature. The Cyber-Innovation for Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program aims to advance interdisciplinary research in […]


Apr 04, 2013

FY14 TIER 1 Award Recipients

22 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY14 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 14 different research projects.

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